We all have a lapse in memory or maybe you have been out of town transmogrified in some devious manner. Maybe it's just a typical Monday. Whatever you want to call it, you just can't log on to the Member's Dashboard.

It's OK, here are some things to consider.

Make sure you are typing your email address correctly

If you signed up for the first time, you may have used an incorrect email address. This is common for new users/employees. The indicator for this would be that you have received no email. The policy is this - if you sign-up with a corporate email address you'll get your password right away (at least as soon as email takes). If you use a non-corporate email address you will have to be authenticated by an agency member.
It might be the difference between something-something.org and something-something.com

Either way, if you don't get an email from the Florida network, you may have entered the wrong email when you signed up.

ALSO, check your junk mail folders/trash folders and your email administrator. Sometimes, local agency email policies will not recoginize the email from the Florida Network. Either way, if you don't get an email from the Florida network, you may have entered the wrong email address when you signed up.

Correct email address but can't log on

If you are convinced that you are using the correct email address but you are not able to log on, the problem may be that you forgot your password. If you forgot your password, just ask for a new password.

Click on the Forgot your password on the log in page.

Another possiblity is that you misspelled your password. Hey it can happen! Go slow and be deliberate.

If it has been awhile since you last logged on and you are sure that you use the correct email address and password, then the problem might be that your account has been deleted for lack of use. Currently, the policy is that after 365 days, unaccessed accounts are deleted for "abandonment". If this is the case, just sign-up again by clicking the New Users button.

Right Browser/Computer

Microsoft internet explorer (MS IE) is an old, out of date web browser. We are trying to get the word out to users that even Microsoft has abandonded their support for IE. Users that are using MSIE should upgrade their browser to one of the following - oh, and these are free!:

There have been instances of some users having to go to a different computer before being able to log in. I can't explain why this is so but it's true. You may have to resort to contacting your local tech support (hint: bribe with cookies).

Power Users

You have assistance within your agency via a Power User. These users have authority and responsibility to approve new users Dashboard participation, delete Dashboard user accounts and reset passwords.

Current Power Users

AgencyPower User
AnchorageKrissy Botzong
ArnetteMark Shearon
Bethel CommunityLena Moody
CCYSGina Dozier
CCYSCrystal Griffin
CDSChris Barry
CDSLiz Tschumy
CFCEMary Williams
CHS-TCKristi Walsh
CHS-TCKelly Barnett
CHS-WPBBrenda Coleman
CrosswindsLynn Cowart
FKCSAlvin Bentley
LSF-NWHoward Jordan
AgencyPower User
LSF-NWHoward Jordan
LSF-NWKristy Hutto
LSF-SEIvonne Fusco
Miami BridgeLashonda Chavis
Miami BridgeRichard Rabathaly
Mt. BethelKara Zor-El
NEEDVenus Highsmith
Safe ChildrenJayme Green
Stewart MarchmanPamela Palmer
Tampa HousingMatthew Dickey
YCCKristen Wendle
YCCBarbara Agostino
YFACarey Higgins
YFAMark Phillips


If you don't see your agency listed in the table above, you might want to explore how your agency can have a power user (PU).

More information about PUs can be found at What is a PU.

LASTLY, while we sympathize with your login difficulty, there is no one at the Florida Network office that knows or can lookup your password. Please try one of the tips/hints listed above.