What is a power user?

A Dashboard Power User is empowered to view certain user based performance reports for individuals within your agency (for example, Katniss Training Reports).

Power Users also have authority and responsibility to approve new users Dashboard participation and delete Dashboard user accounts.

Power Users have the authority and responsibility to grant access to areas of the Dashboard that are deemed “sensitive” (for example, payment records).

A Dashboard Power User's authority is absolute within these bounds and revocable by the Florida Network as they deem appropriate.

Each agency can have two (2) Dashboard Power Users.

Complete the Power User Agreement and return to Kirk.

See the agreement

How to be power user?

Once you are “promoted” to a power user, you’ll see two new panels at the bottom of the Dashboard - Approve a user and Manage your users.

Approve a user panel lists your agency users that have applied to use the Dashboard from your agency. Next to each name is a button to “Upgrade user” and a button to “Delete” the user. Clicking the Upgrade button will promote that user to full status and will send an email message to the user with their new temporary password . Clicking the Delete button will delete the user. This is good for those instances where a user had mistyped their email address or selected the wrong agency. The user can reapply.

Manage your users panel will list all of your agency’s regular users. Click on an alien head for User Details (details about that user).

When you do, you will see a pop-up panel similar to the one listed below:
Notice the three buttons Reset Password, Delete this User and Allow Access to Payment.

Clicking the Reset Password button will change that user’s login password to I_forgot. This is the CAPITAL letter I and an underscore (looks like _) and then the lower case word forgot – there are no spaces. There is no email or text notification. Please don’t contact me because it “doesn’t work”. It does work-each time. If a user forgets their password, they should try the “I forgot my password” button on the Dashboard login screen.

Note, all users that attempt to contact the Florida Network will be forwarded to their Power Users for assistance.

Clicking the Delete this user button does exactly that. It will remove a user from accessing the Dashboard. If you click this button you will be asked if your are sure you want to delete this user. If you click OK – the user record is deleted. It’s gone. There is no un-do, there is no ooopsie. The only way to recover from an accidental deletion is to have the user re-apply as if they were doing this for the very first time. Of course, you can do that for them. 

Allow Access to Payment button will let users view your agency’s payments and schedule. This is a toggle button which means you can click it on and then click it off. The label of the button will change from Allow to Deny and the color will change from Green to Red. All users are denied access by default. You have to turn it on. Once you turn it on it’s on until you turn it off.


As Power Users you can inspect Employee’s Katniss performance reports. In Katniss, in the Reports panel, you will see the Student Details link.

Clicking Student Details will bring up tabulations of courses passed by attempts and the average test score for each student in your agency. This can be filtered for the days’ results, the last 7 days, last 14 days and the fiscal year to date. When students attempt more than 3 quizzes of the same subject without recording a score, you will be notified that the student is having difficulty and may require remedial attention. Students will no longer be “locked out” and it will be your responsibility to ensure a student’s competency.